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Our parenting education program provides low-income parents with informational services pertaining to raising healthy and productive children. Such services furthermore enable parents to benefit from personal and financial assistance.

Our parenting education program is geared and structured towards meeting the following criteria:

  • Strengthening the care-giving and family environment

  • Improving parent knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions, by:

  • Increasing parenting self-efficacy

  • Improving attitudes toward parenting

  • Increasing motivation to improve parenting skills

  • Increasing knowledge of child development

  • Improving parenting skills and behaviors, by:

  • Preventing child abuse and neglect

  • Improving disciplinary practices

  • Increasing caregivers’ involvement with child’s care and education

  • Improving caregivers’ ability to cope with care-giving and life stress

  • Improving the quality of the home environment

  • Strengthening relationships

  • Specifically, strengthening parent-child relationships, by:

  • Improving parent-child relationship quality

  • Improving parent-infant attachment

  • Increasing time spent together

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