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 All of us here at Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center are focused on helping low-income children and families to reach their full           potential by offering a comprehensive range of social, emotional, charitable, educational, and cognitive support services.


 For over 50 years, Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center has provided childcare and family support services to more than 20,000          clients in Kane County and other nearby neighboring communities.

 Our mission is, "To provide assistance in a diverse area of education and charitable provisions to underserved children and families                residing in the Aurora Region and nearby neighboring communities."

 Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization governed by a community Board of Directors.



                                                                           The Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center assists low-income children through a                                                                                             continuum of care which includes academic tutoring, daycare services, emotional support,                                                                                     educational readiness, and computer technology training services.

                                                                            All children enrolled in our programs have been assigned individualized Educational Plans                                                                                      (IEPs) developed by teachers, parents, and other members of the school governing body.                                                                                     While assessing and evaluating the various IEP requirements for each individual child enrolled                                                                               in our programs, our organization takes note of children's strengths and weaknesses within the                                                                             classroom environment. All of our staff members furthermore provide children with the help                                                                                   and support needed to improve in various realms of the educational spectrum.

                                                                            Marie Wilkinson Child Development Center specifically serves the purpose of breaking multi-                                                                                 generational problems faced by under-resourced children and families. In support of the                                                                                        services we offer, several research studies confirm the notion that successful outcomes in                                                                                      school are positively correlated with the availability of childcare and family support services.

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