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 If you are struggling financially, rest assured that there is a plethora of community-based resources available to help you and your                   children experience better outcomes. There are numerous churches, nonprofit organizations, charities, and government agencies which       provide poverty relief services for individuals and families eligible to benefit from such social support. These particular organizations             provide financial assistance by helping you and your family members afford your security deposits, monthly rents, clothes, groceries,             medical bills, prescription drugs, and other essential life sustaining activities. Please read below to learn how to apply for such benefits.



        The Marie Wilkinson Foundation Community Food Pantry, located at 834 N Highland Ave, (in Aurora, IL) offers free goods, canned                  items and frozen foods for individuals and families residing below the federal poverty level.

       The Fish Food Pantry, located at 150 S. Kennedy Drive – #8B-11A (in Carpentersville, IL) helps individuals and families who are in                     emergency situations and in dire need of nutritional assistance. This organization spends more than $9,000 per month on food.



         The Salvation Army Aurora Community Center, located at 437 E Galena Blvd (in Aurora, IL)  provides assistance with rent and energy             bills, healthcare cost assistance, and free food supplies for individuals and families in need of such provisions.

         Kid Care Medical, located at 80 S Constitution Dr (in Aurora, IL) is an assistance program which enables low-income children to                         acquire school physicals little to no financial cost.

         The Well Child Center, located at 2800, 620 Wing St (in Elgin, IL) is a healthcare clinic which offers a comprehensive range of services              (e.g., dental care, medical assistance, preventative care, counseling services, and information workshops) for children and families.

         The Tri-City Health Partnership Medical and Dental Clinic, locate at 318 Walnut St (in St. Charles, IL) provides dental, medical, and                      preventative health services to low-income and disadvantaged populations.



        The Lazarus House, located at 214 Walnut St (St. Charles, IL) helps low-income individuals and families to find the shelter, food and                   other support services necessary to get back on their feet. 

        The Catholic Charities of Aurora and Kane County, located at N Lake St (in Aurora, IL) provides assistance and advocates for low-                     income individuals with regards to finding shelter, food, and financial assistance.

        The Community Crisis Center, located at 1230 N Highland Ave (in Aurora, IL) provides safety, hope, advocacy, respite and education                for low-income individuals impacted by crisis and violence in the Fox Valley Region in Illinois.

        The Hesed House, located at 659 S River St (in Aurora, IL) is a homeless shelter which identifies barriers preventing individuals from                   regaining house, develops plans to overcome such barriers, and executes plans to help individuals overcome homelessness. 

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